Whos dating jake t austin

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Whos dating jake t austin

Later that evening, Jesus and Mariana are seen in Mariana's bedroom talking about the possibility of them meeting their birth mom.

Stef barges in and tells them not to talk in Spanish, and that they are just as much their children as Brandon is.

Jesus and Mariana's birth mother, Ana, abandoned them for another man and drugs.

He didn't want Brandon to leave, because he didn't want to be in a house with only the girls and Jude.The next day, Jesus asks Mariana if she has seen his pills because most of them are gone.Jesus and Mariana get into a little argument and Jesus told her that their birth mom is a loser.Coincidentally, Stef was at the same (getting Jesus' pills) pharmacy and catches Jesus outside.He goes home and tells Lena about the unprotected sex.

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Hostile Acts Jesus and Lexi are hiding their relationship from Mariana.

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