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Vms dating site

This, although (as you will see) she seemed somewhat unsatisfied with the results of her investigation.But she did try to get to the bottom of it, so even Nill thought the provenance Wilfred offered was something to question.One, to Tiltman in November 1957, mentions the Paracelsian ideas, “My own feeling- again somewhat vague- about the little figures of nude men and women in the organs of the body is that they are somehow connected with the ‘archaei’ of the Paracelsan or Spagyric School.This would fit in well with my suggestion about John Dee and Bohemia.” So again, or still, in 1957, Singer is thinking “Prague” and “Paracelsus”.Ethel was very pleased with the revelation, and thanked Singer for clearing up the question with a hand-written letter by May 26th: Professor Manly has forwarded to me your very kind letter, the generous spirit of which I deeply appreciate. Charles Singer never saw the Voynich before 1912, and actually only saw copies, years later…You will, I am sure, understand my having felt anxious that any accidental confusion of my husband’s MS. I will leave the blog post up (for the time being, at least), for general interest. as far as I could, here in New York State, and on the internet, but if it can be taken any further it will have to be by someone in Europe.I have never written anything about it, and any remarks I may have made in conversation represented only impressions of a long past event. Voynich personally, I have heard the highest reports of his integrity as a man and as a dealer from those who knew him well, and I should be very sorry to be thought to reflect on his memory in anything whatever.From what you tell me, it is obvious that the MS that I remember seeing in Germany many years ago could not have been that of Mr. Yours very sincerely, Charles Singer So this clears up the matter. The trouble for me was that the Voynich collections are split between the Beinecke and the Grolier Club, and so the question was left hanging by seeing only the one.

Even if Voynich had loaned it to him, this predates the 1912 “ancient castle in Southern Europe” and “Villa Mondragone” claims by at least two years, and as much as seven.last autumn, for, as you know, he and Singer have collaborated on something or other (at least I seem to remember that they have.” Again I see in that a sense that Anne was hoping for some “wiggle room”, and wishing that the rumor was not true. She is again hoping that Singer may have come to his conclusions not from seeing the Voynich by 1910, in Germany, but by having discussions with others, at a later date.The only way this could be would be to call Singer a liar, however, which she only indirectly implies.To leave it in Frankfurt, in the hands of a competitor, seems unlikely. And further, years later when she gave information to Ricci for his catalog…and she and Ethel substituted “Villa Mondragone” for “ancient castle in Southern Europe”, there was no mention of this old Frankfurt/Baer rumor.

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Again, we have choices in determining the implications of this.

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