Validating form with javascript personals and relationships dating online service

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Validating form with javascript

For ‘selections’ like drop down and radio group, use an appropriate validation like ‘dontselect’ or ‘selone_radio’.This validation descriptor is valid only for drop down lists.You'll see that the all validation scripts presented on this and subsequent pages adhere to the same basic format.

So i have places to insert the stop validation code, but just cant find any that works.

Validating form input with Java Script is easy to do and can save a lot of unnecessary calls to the server as all processing is handled by the web browser.

It can prevent people from leaving fields blank, from entering too little or too much or from using invalid characters.

The “validation descriptor” is nothing but a string specifying the type of validation to be performed.

Each field in the form can have zero one or more validations. More info & downloads where Do My Validation One() and Do My Validation Two() are custom functions for validation.

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