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However if they try and update same record then which one is correct ? Denis Update the same table (adding/editing) and updating different tables in the database. ADVANCED and you can choose: Open Mode (shared or exclusive) - Shared allows multiple users to run the database, exclusive doesnt.

But if the backend is on the same LAN, then no problem. I actually have come quite a bit further along on this DB.

Splitting a DB app in a front end and back end doesn't implicate the need to use unbound forms.

The distribution - front end and back end located in different machines on a network - usually will mean a lot more care, to minimize network traffic and thus improve app performance, which means that unbounded forms may be better in some circumstances.

I know it can be a problem with editing the same table but is it a way where if they are all adding to the database it will update? ) All records (impractical) Edited record (what you want) chooosing edited record lets users use the database together but not work on the same record e.g a customer at once.

is this forms-based, that is, does each user update tables through forms?

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copying code or regurgitating by rote is inferior to actually understanding whats going on. Something you could spend the next 10 years perfecting.

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