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Slave lake dating

There are hundreds of thousands of Canadian singles on our dating website and many of them waiting to hear from you who share similar interest and values as yours.Our Slave Lake dating website is 100% free to join, what have you got to lose.Each culture has left a distinct mark in the archaeological record based on type or size of lithic tools.Great Slave Lake was put on European maps during the emergence of the fur trade towards the northwest from Hudson Bay in the mid 18th century.

The Pethei Peninsula separates the East Arm into Mc Leod Bay in the north and Christie Bay in the south.As the French explorers dealt directly with the Cree traders, the large lake was referred to as "Grand lac des Esclaves" which was eventually translated into English as "Great Slave Lake".British fur trader Samuel Hearne explored Great Slave Lake in 1771 and crossed the frozen lake, which he named Lake Athapuscow.The name 'Great Slave' came from the Slavey Indians, one of the Athapaskan tribes living on its southern shores at that time.The name was influenced by Cree disdain for this rival tribe, with whom they shared a sordid history.

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The lake is at least partially frozen during an average of eight months of the year.

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