Russian and ukrainian datinginternational

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Russian and ukrainian datinginternational

They both are enthralled by the eventful life of Stepan Bandera and both like to read about Ukrainian nationalism.

They soon fall in love and they start making plans to be together in Ukraine, to train as volunteers in a military camp and then go to Donbas.

The meeting is quick, they have enough time only to embrace each other and agree on future plans. Shortly after they part, Pavel is kidnapped and then transferred to Russia, where he now faces charges of "terrorism". It is what Ukrainian media outlet Hromadskoe and Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta were able to uncover investigating the mysterious disappearance of a Ukrainian citizen in Belarus and his reappearance in detention in the Russian city of Krasnodar.

The Belarusian authorities denied ever detaining Pavel but acknowledged that the Russians had put him on a "wanted" list.

The Ukrainian government has handed an official protest note to Moscow and demanded that Pavel be released immediately, but to no avail.

As the anti-government protests in Kiev begin, Alyona joins them enthusiastically; Sasha does not approve.

But when Tatyana applies for a passport, she gets a visit from the FSB.

She is told that if she cooperates with them, meets Pavel and just asks him a couple of questions, she would be issued the passport.

Two dramatic love stories, both featuring a Ukrainian and a Russian, have been making headlines in Moscow in recent weeks, albeit for different reasons.

One of them enjoys the full sanction of the Russian authorities. Alyona is a Ukrainian journalist from Kiev and a liberal; Sasha is a former marine from Sevastopol and a Russian patriot.

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