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At this point, you may be saying, "Yeah, Joe, but maybe you're not that great," or "Did you do something to annoy them?" or maybe, "They were just being polite in messaging you back, etc."All fair points.Það er ósjaldan sem ég hef staðið mig að því að klappa saman höndunum ásamt öllum í kringum mig til þess að sýna þakklæti mitt eða aðdáun á því sem mér hefur verið boðið uppá.

I created an online dating profile with the aim to ask no girls out and to wait for a girl to ask me out. The results were as I expected: In the 107 matches I received and the hundreds of messages I sent, no women asked me out.Thus, while men on average have a more optimistic view on the date from the right beginning on, women are a bit more sceptical and need to be convinced.How can a series of bad dates affect your confidence for further ones?Women often worry that they are being too forward if they write a text after a first date, but it’s all about the content – women should avoid anything over -the-top and simply write to say thank you – this leaves the door open for future dating possibilities. The main thing women need to do is just keep the door open.I.e., hold eye contact, be friendly, be interested, and try to increase interaction time through mutual social engagements.

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The problem with a series of bad dates is that at a certain point (particularly women) stop thinking “what the hell is wrong with these guys? Our dating efforts start running against us, they attack our self-confidence.

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