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Juilge Hoar will not yet say that he will accept the iii\iiatiun. and while be thanks his friends for tbeir zeal in bis beba U' be hopes tbac tbev will, in tbe interest of harmony in tbts party, accept this as an From too appended table it will be seen ihal the Chicago Club are wall ahead, and tberaforsj «cin the chfini Dionship whip pennon so long and honorably held by the Boston Club. Loaii Clubisaeconu on the list, with the Hartfords a] £.:od third. Struan id a jfe-etty st Htio U among trees, aud close to its lartt t Ue falls ot the Garry.

Jfor several days the following letter, asking Juuge Hoar to ac- cept an indepeodeai nomination and bead a Repub- lican bolt, has been iu circnlalion, and many promi- nent sigoatuies hd Va been bbtaioed to it : To Bon. re- Bpccifully ask vliat von allow your name to bs preseuteu bv ibein to lae voters of iha uiitiict ati a caudioaie lor tuac ot Uce. Cauliield will stite in a letter to be published tu-morrow that he positively declines to be a ca HJi- daie uuder tbe circumstai.c'es. He went out on Wednesday last, and was last seen on that night at Twenty-fourih street and Third ave- nue, when he j T Ch. THE CHAMPION.-IIIP HKCOKD.' The season for professional base-ball plajln A so far as itie leauno clubs are concerned, closed yak terday. But now that, ifte "iiron horse " has learned to uri;e his rapidipaotf into he very of the most romauticjfceu|ry in the three kingdoms, it does aecm^ :fjir;)i|sing that uot more of our southern S^bi|rite| should prefer the exhilarating niountaiiltbrbt^s and biacing air of the home of the rudjdtor ofii Killiecraujiie we left tue train aud took thli ro*d loading to Blair Athol, where tne bauk^evto so far on in the year, lire sldl cnameledr mnilho hyacinth, pnmrose, and other lavorlt gajpe with a shy furiosit" Trom Blair Ath »1 t«i Struan the ^cene Iy for a While is less {in iuri^que ; but on approaching the latter stall iji i| resumes its wonied aspect.

H might be), a poor man bad camii-aiued t j hi:u that ho was unable, after many oou.ications, to obtain the liamdaiion of a deotdae to him troiu H rich Paaua o X the neighboroood- 'I'ue Etfeot U uudertooii to settle the maticr.

Wiieu no w»i Governor in a vilayet or province (wniahaver.

Uis manner indicates that ku is dccidedlr averse to it. There U no doubt ot tbo feeling, deep-seated and defiant, amuoz influential Bepobticans in tbo dis- iilui, against Geo. Here, taking a ^arr^ge, we com- menced the iournoy ot a Uoutjuine or ten miles, by a road uot the i (fa^oflltbest, to tho vil.a^'e of Kinloek Banuodbitt atii the eastern extremity of the beautiiul lodi, «|ioh has been BO happily delineated aud cotnnpuded to, the lovers 01 the beautiful by a w4ll-kuowu chromo- iitbograpb. The pro- posed amendments to the Constitucion ana the record of the last Ltfgislature put the Demo- crats at a very deciued disauvantajjc. The daily and week.'y Consti- tution and tbe weekly Era, issued under aus- pices of t! These papers reach every township in The State, and means have been periected by which a pnp.r is placed in the bands of every doubtful voier. And the palrid brejkth of oorpsos lada the sluggish airt '' Oh, for Ulltan's roiling thnndar, Cromwell's flary coal for Govi ; Then should £ai[land rite to Tengeanoa, tread the path that ouoe she trod. I coold not bear to look upon bis •mptr cage, hia bath and playthimgs, so I have bad them all stowed away ; but the bird will dwell in my memory for many a day. Commissioner of the £oard of City Works, wh8 was suspended some weeks ago, for uonfeaaanoe ia office, by Jdayor Schroeder, and agaia^t whom charges are now pending, haa exercised since hii suspension, lu conlonctioa with Boss Mc Laaghlua, quite as much tnflnenee in tbe board aa he did prim to that e Vent Since hia suspension Fowler k«| made his head-quarter* in a room in Barro Ka M ■Veeder's office, and from this place he and Mc Laach it aa a feast uuto ilie Lord seven iil^'S in \ the year; an frvoriastinc statute in ail your ce Dcmtiotis: in tlie seventh month shall ye celeorate it. Theso two subjects will be mure fully fliscussed when the canvass m each county comiueneeci, waiun will bo abuut the tirdt of next mouth. The Republican State Executive Committee, headed bv Col. In a^idition ^o' this work of ihe committee, thousands ol documents, gotten up by the Republican Cmgressionai Committee, have been scattered broadcast all over the State, ll the people go asiray it will not bo because they have not had the means of in- forming themselves. Onoe a jain for saored freedom shonld her hosts go forth ta flsbt, i the battle-cry of England should be, "God de- fend the ilfutt" —Onoe a Week. The -way in whioh that starling managed to insinu- ate Itself into my heart ' and entwine its affec- tions with mine, I can never rightly tell ; and it ia only now when it is gone that I really Icnow how much i it is possible for a human feeing to lore a little bird. At.— Cotton— Futures ateadier; Cplaa Ai^ M« Middling clause, new crop, shipped October m4So'0 IHl f DEPARTMENT. In booths ye shall dwell seven ilavs; all that are Israelitea born shall dwell in booths. The joint canvass of Siittle and Vance is doing eroat gooa for the Kepublicans. 1 rose as liic day broke, bullied on my clothes, brushed those of my master, cieaue.l aeveral pairs 01 his auoco, wcutno the pump in Great leau8 yai'a ;ot hard water lor Uis teeth, and to toe cistern at Mother Grant's lor sort water lor hia handa and lace, passed the rest of the tmie till eigi-t in mv own hasty ablutions, or in 00^ mng over my moraine school lesion. Kme to te^ : Uat for my breakfast, or rather for miy master's breakias J —I had to bring up his tea things, to mate bia toast &. I had borne tms aesonption ol drudgery for about a rortuighr, whou, witnoui weio^hing the couse.iuences— remember, reader, i was not niuf iraara oid— i deterxa Jied W au Ui* mm^m^^i Fm^m^&ffi^ wjrk. In every county where tbcy speak the Kepuolicans are eucouraaed. i BStwid, theref»re, of prt«parinff tea «« uxoa L I slinped one ot t L» maiila into the •t Mt-oe Uar.'^nd theve lay ptrdu for a eoupte of hours. Ue made me staad at at- t MXdon, with my little diieera on the seama of mj trousers, like » ioldier at drill- He then fe Ued me to the jfround by a swinffing buck-horse (a blow on the cheek with the open hand) on jaj right cheek.

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There is great enthu'^iasm lor Vance as there was for Merrimon, but it comes Irom the same men who .shouted and voted for Merrimon. Tbere are two Demooiatio papers wjioh have takoa grouud agaiu&t Wadaell. he was " less than Kind "—was a- ' good-looking fellow, who left VVestmmstcr tor the Peninsula, and served afterward at Watci- loo. Tweiv* tu one: lu the usher's correotmg room prwparmg for afternoon lessons.