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Someone gives the "10 seconds" signal, and Trudeau strides to the podium.

He gives a nod and starts ticking off his accomplishments.

Two of the best professional wrestling broadcasters, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone, ever strolled down memory lane on Pro-Wrestling Wednesday on 92-9 The Game​ this week.

In which football broadcaster(s) shoes did Ross want to follow?

His words are coherent and will not need to be run through Google Translate when he is done (except if you want to translate his French into English).

The legislative session is over, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is about to give his wrap-up press conference.He wants want to give something back to the teachers.Register below to win Ken Nugent’s “Classroom Cash” for the chance to WIN 0 for school supplies.As we chat, he smiles and locks in with his blue eyes, but Trudeau, whose mother's side is of Scottish descent, swats away all Trump-baiting questions with a look that says, "Not today, laddie."He is always pushing his product: a kind but muscular Canada.I asked him why his country, insulated by two vast oceans and a superpower to the south, was increasing its military spending by billion.

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His sleeves are pushed up, his tie blue, his shirt white, his socks festooned with moose.

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  1. “Don’t be scared it’s going to be hilarious, and think about the blogpost you could get out of this”, he encouraged, knowing exactly what strings to pull like a hot, tall, manipulative puppeteer. When we got into the room I was actually through the moon excited.

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