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If you want to get the cheapest sex in Dubai from nightclub girls head to the bar in the York International Hotel where girls will go for 400-500, maybe less if you negotiate hard.Some solid mid level options would be: Just about any club in the Dubai nightlife is bound to have some working girls.For the high class escorts in Dubai you can go to prostitute nightclubs like: These should all be filled with sexy ladies of the night in skimpy dresses looking to get your cash.Expect to pay 1200-2000d in these bars, plus expensive covers in the 150-200 range.Other good hotels in Dubai to check out are: At all of these there will be many freelancers either at the pick up bars or the night clubs.How much things will cost is very hard to put a number on as it always is with freelancers.Erotic massage parlors in Dubai can be very expensive and generally are geared towards handjobs at the end and you will have to pay an extreme amount to get more. If you are struggling to find girls here try to meet hookers online. There is good nightlife here but it is going to cost you a pretty penny to partake in it.Our Abu Dhabi sex guide has you covered if you were also going to be heading there.

They know that guys from all over the region come here to have a good time and many of them are very wealthy.

There may also be street girls around Al Nasr Square where there should be quite a few hookers at night.

In the Bur Dubai area as well as Deira you can find cheaper street hookers in the budget hotels and surrounding areas. There are some topless and full nude strip clubs and brothels in Dubai but the locations change all of the time with them.

The asking price will continue to go up and up as guys continue to pay it.

For reference the price for the local currency (AED) is about 3.7 to 1. The nice hotels have pick up bars for many of the hookers and at some of them the hotel staff are involved in setting up the guests with the girls.

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There will be many from Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Africa, China, the Philippines, and of course Arabic.