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If you’ve read the guidelines in the Help Center and think your ad follows the rules and should have been approved, please let us know.If you'd like to advertise your dating service on Facebook, please follow this link to learn more.Kyle Mc Ginnis, the CEO of one of the blocked dating sites, says his ads ran for months on Facebook and were only recently bumped from the site.

The policy appears to imply that facebook will only accept ads from dating sites that come through Facebook's ad sales team, and not through campaigns bought via Facebook's automated plug-and-play Ads API system, which only requires a credit card.When he complained, just before Christmas, he received an email from Facebook that said, " must have prior authorization from Facebook in order to buy dating ads on Facebook.Part of the problem here is that Facebook is very sensitive to complaints from its users.Although anyone can advertise on Facebook, the company wants those ads to be as useful and relevant as possible.

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