Cannabis dating site uk hamony dating

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Cannabis dating site uk

Looking for new friends" (well under the cheeky 420 character limit).I only browse female profiles and swipe right on almost everyone. I realize that thinking of High There as an addition to the over-saturated hook-up app market might be misguided.I don't realize the potential disadvantages of the chat request system until I wake up the following morning.With 172 new invitations, the app starts to lag and freeze; it becomes harder to approve any incoming requests, so I focus on a conversation I've already started with a dude named Connor."I was trying to find chicks on it," he says, "but there's just a lot of dudes who want to smoke blunts and play Mario Kart." When I ask Nikhil if he'll delete High There, he shrugs: "I have enough room on my phone." A few days later he hits me up on gchat; he's going on a High There date but he'll only tell me about it anonymously.I check in a week later and ask if he ended up going.The invitation to "come chill and smoke" is a frequent proposition on High There—one that personally makes me nervous.Going to a strange house to do drugs with someone I've only cyber-met feels patently unsafe, mutual interest in "TV/Movies" and "Food" aside.

I take it as a sign and build a whole new profile with the bio "Hallo!

In a BBC article dating back to 2010 it states that the British.

Looking for a 420 chill lady who enjoys good conversation. for some 420 friendly events across the United Kingdom throughout the year.. Speed Denver had posted a 420-friendly event in February that was rescheduled because of.

Scrolling past my failed chat with Connor, I see a request from someone I actually know IRL, a 28-year-old coworker named Nikhil.

The next day he tells me he doesn't identify as a stoner either—at least not anymore—and that he downloaded the app as a joke and "can't really see it past that." After a week or two he dismissed it as inferior to Hinge and Tinder.

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