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“The only worry at our last party hosted in Mayfair came from a girl who was concerned about parking her Ferrari outside,” Emma says.“Other than that, the evening went smoothly.” Events are held at members’ rural or country mansions and such is the wealth of Killing Kittens’ followers, that most of the props, including the private jets used for ‘mile high’ sex, belong to members.i was given a full tour of the place and even shown ever fire door... music not too loud, mixed age crowd and not at all ageist. Would like to know more about Pipeworks sauna so I can decide whether or not to visit here. No problems at all even though they looked at me as "someone from outside", being kind though.the scottish guy who showed me round could not have been friendlier. just mind yourself on the step when coming out of the private rooms... I'm not familiar with Belfast so I wouldn't know how to get here. This is a gay venue with non-TV friendly clientele. when I challenged this, he said that it was indeed my responsibility to show my ID as I enter.

“Yes, we are superficial, aspirational and image conscious: our members do not want to pay to have sex with a naked 18 stone 50-year-old.

“Only about 60 per cent of the women end up naked and getting involved in the full-on action,” she says.

Mostly, people just want the free atmosphere and to have a laugh in their undies as they sup champagne.

Parties are held once around once a month at a ‘secret location’ not revealed until the day before to members.

“We wear masks at the venues,” says Emma, “It helps people feel relaxed at first and can be sexy and fun too.” The next theme party is a ‘fairytale’ on April 24. “The start of the evening is just for chit-chat and mingling,” Emma explains.

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a very big place,loads of plaaces to sit and watch.. If someone can give me some information about this place and how to get here, I'd appreciate it. However, there was a manager there, Gerry, who was really keen to get TV's starting up a once-a-month club.