10 dating rules men

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10 dating rules men

These signs he misses you are a simple and easy guide to give you all the hints you need to find out without doubt. No silly, we don’t mean inappropriate Snapchat pictures that you will later regret.

A cute selfie is all his asking, something that he can stare all day. Maybe you broke up because you couldn’t take the long distance relationship any longer, but that doesn’t mean that the feelings have disappeared.

He wants to see your pretty face, to watch you smile when he makes that well-prepared joke. He liked a picture of you that has been on Facebook for more than 3 years.

If you are looking for telling signs he misses you, look no further.

When you makes sure you can talk, you go out and check your phone. Wow, this must be an emergency you think and you call him back immediately. He just has to speak to you, because he misses you and he would do anything to get your attention.

He answers saying “hey, what’s up”, like nothing serious is going on. It might be too much to call you five times in a row, but love can be blind sometimes.

Maybe it’s Skype or What’s App, it doesn’t really matter which service you guys are using.

It’s the fact that he wants to use video as a primary method of communication rather than just speech.

He can’t get over the fact that you are not spending as much time together as he used to. He probably can’t stop thinking about you and that creates an inner frustration because he can’t have you any more. Be careful and ease the situation as much as possible.

The one that was playing on the club the first time he saw you.

The other that was playing on the radio the first time you were in his car.

The guy is taking a trip in memory lane and goes through all your Facebook pictures, one by one.

He really liked that photo from the summer you got really close and that sparked a lot of memories.

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He posts on Facebook songs that reminds them of you.

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